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Mission statement

Our business relations are governed by confidence.

The relationship to our clients as partners, business associates and suppliers has grown over many years. We have been passing on this trust since 1899 from one generation to the next.

The management is always there for you.

With us, you are always on the best of terms with the top, personally, directly and, above all, fast.

Our managers always support you with guidance and resources.

Our style of leadership is not marked by managers solely trying to achieve quarterly results. Experienced managers actively contribute to your success with their commitment.

We are proud of the achievements of our staff.

With internal and external vocational training programs for our team, we make sure that the manifold tasks are fulfilled to your utmost satisfaction.

We are responsible both for our clients and employees.

We do not have any obligations to anonymous shareholders but are committed only to you and our staff. Our company culture is characterised by independence, integrity and sustainability.

We are versatile and fast.

Every sector and every project are subject to specific requirements. Due to our excellent knowledge of the market, our service portfolio is universal. In every situation, we know what we have to do and guarantee fastest response times to our clients.

We guarantee to be available 24 hours on 365 days.

One of the most sophisticated monitoring and alarm receiving centres/emergency call centres in Europe impresses with its technical facilities and supports all services rendered by our staff.


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