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Tradition meets innovation

Starting with a small firm of private investigators in the year 1899, succeeding generations expanded the company into one of the leading security service providers.

Foundation laid in the 1930s

The foundation of the company providing guard services was laid in the 1930s by the grandparents of today’s partners. With the establishment of a technically fully equipped emergency control centre, as early as in the 1980s the basis for the current “total security service” could be formed. Every day, at its monitoring and alarm receiving centre, HEL-WACHT receives more than 65,000 alert messages which are processed professionally and with secrecy.
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Modern from the alarm centre to the car pool

The modern monitoring and alarm receiving centre was the first in Austria and the eighth in Europe to be certified pursuant to EN 50518. The car pool was switched to CO₂ neutral electric vehicles and is powered by the company’s own photovoltaic system.

The company and its owners remained faithful to the 7th district. In the year 2000, the headquarters of the HEL-WACHT Group moved from Burggasse 2 to Burggasse 94A.

In 2022 the HEL-WACHT headquarters moved to a brand new builing in the 21. district, Scheydgasse 37.

Our task and that of future generations is to continue to provide our traditional guard services and to expand innovations in the field of security technology.

Margarete Landertshammer, Herbert Kritsch (owners of HEL-WACHT)
Margarete Landertshammer Eigentümerin Hel-Wacht
Margarete Landertshammer
Herbert Kritsch Eigentümer Hel-Wacht
Herbert Kritsch


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