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Your patrol services

Mobile Security – on the way for your security.

Inspection and roving patrol services

Roving patrol services perform property inspections. By checking buildings, doors and windows, their condition is examined, if necessary, technical systems are inspected and potential sources of hazards and threats are looked for.

Summary of patrol services

  • Around the clock 24/7
  • Property control
  • Locking and closing services
  • Inspection
  • Delivery of keys
  • Additional services as agreed
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Where are roving patrol services used?

Roving patrol service is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to permanently present guarding services and a perfect addition to a technical burglary alarm system. Agreed rounds are electronically documented with the electronic guard control system at every checkpoint and can be viewed online free of charge. Our clients are promptly informed about essentials.

Inspection, control and situational problem solution

First and foremost, roving patrol service pays attention to classical risks, e.g. windows left open, doors left unlocked, machines, devices or lights left on, however, also look for other visible problems, e.g. gas and water leakage, leaking valves or vandalism. This is a successful combination of prevention and remedy to be taken.

By the way: roving patrol services are often requested from HEL-WACHT together with direct alarm connections.

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Did you know?

With roving patrol services, clients use a very cost-effective and, at the same time, efficient way of object surveillance. An electronic guard control system ensures that employees really control agreed checkpoints. Documentation can be viewed online and is thus available in a timely manner.


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