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Emergency call center

certified according to quality standard EN 50518

Emergency call center

Our emergency call center (alarm receiving and intervention center, AES, category I) which is specialised in high security applications pursuant to the requirements of EN 50518 and in alarm providing services for security applications offers highest reliability and availability.

Direct alarm connection
to the emergency call center

  • Burglary alarm systems
  • Robbery alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • People and vehicle monitoring systems
  • Emergency and hazard reaction systems
  • Hazard warning systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Systems for calls for help of persons
  • Audio/video house communication systems
  • Object tracking systems
  • Elevator emergency call systems
  • Heating and air-conditioning monitoring systems
  • Monitoring of workplaces of lone workers
  • Key deposits, key delivery and keys lost and found
  • Call center
  • Night dispatching
  • Valuables and data deposits
Hel-Wacht Mitarbeiter in Alarmzentrale

Necessity of an emergency call center

Via the emergency call center, various alarm transmission systems can be connected. In addition, all alarms and messages are chronologically documented by the case management system and can be retrieved any time, if required. All emergency forces are centrally coordinated by the head of operations at the emergency call center, 365 days a year.

EN 50518 emergency call center

EN 50518 describes the requirements of a state-of-the-art emergency call center. The standard makes a distinction between category I (security applications) and category II (non-security applications). The emergency call center is the first contact where alarms and messages are received, monitored and processed. It is authorised to forward security information and data to the corresponding intervention authorities. This is why the emergency call center is the most important link in the alarm chain.

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BLACKOUT Reachability

The emergency call center of HEL-WACHT is supplied with emergency power. The site has a 140 kWp photovoltaic system for CO²-free energy production and an emergency diesel power generator with energy reserves for more than 14 days. The control center is thus not only protected against a power failure, but can also continue to perform its task as an essential link in the alarm chain in the event of a blackout, with the help of the integrated satellite telephones.

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