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Your doorman

The elegant representative of your store.

Doorman / Doorwomen

A doorman / doorwomen welcomes customers and guests when they enter the store and bids them goodbye with a gesture of politeness and appreciation. Besides, customer orientation, willingness to provide services and friendliness have utmost priority, however, at the same time, he must manage flows of visitors, if necessary, even deny them access, implement your house rules and take care of security.

Services of a doorman / doorwomen

  • Presence in the entrance area
  • Access controls
  • Registration of visitors
  • Information and inquiries
  • Pushing back potential offenders
  • Additional services as agreed
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Where is a doorman / doorwomen used?

Doormen / doorwomen are used as security staff in high-class stores, hotels, clubs, bars or restaurants. Depending on the location and the tasks to be fulfilled, requirements as to appearance, outfit and behaviur may vary.

First impression and contact partner for security and service

The HEL-WACHT doorman / doorwomen performs multiple functions. He/She represents your store, supplies initial information, gives the right directions and provides uncomplicated assistance. At the same time, he is a member of your security staff and, apart from the prevention of offences, he also helps to implement the house rules. A professional doorman / doorwomen wears an elegant uniform or suit, giving an impression of authority and protection at the same time.

By the way: doormen are often requested together with store detectives or mystery shoppers as an extension of services by HEL-WACHT.

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Did you know?

The English term for a doorman who regulates access to clubs or bars is “bouncer”. If somebody works as a doorman, he more than “only” stands in front of the door, since doormen are used where a store or company wants to show standard and style and, at the same time, wishes to prevent any potential offence by pushing back possible offenders and thieves right in front of the door.


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