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Your construction site guarding services

to protect devices, machines and materials.

Construction site guarding services

Security staff is the right hand of the builder and/or his/her representation on-site, supporting him/her in the implementation of and compliance with construction site rules. Appropriate construction site guarding services minimise the risk of time delays or financial damage. HEL-WACHT’s security staff protects your construction projects effectively against unauthorised access, theft, damage to property, vandalism, contamination or illegal use.

Premises and construction site guarding services

  • Protection against unauthorised access and theft
  • Guarding of construction materials, tools and working equipment
  • Enforcement of compliance with construction site rules
  • Checks of suppliers, persons and vehicles
  • Inspection of barriers, construction site fences and containers
  • Provision of closing services or fire watch, etc.
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Where are construction site guarding services provided?

Every construction site needs a separate security concept and resulting requirements applying to security staff – the requirements are adjusted according to location, access, technical security systems on-site and planned progress of construction. Therefore, a comprehensive briefing regarding property and areas to be guarded is necessary so that we are able, in cooperation with you, to draw up a custom-made security concept. Thereafter, security staff will be trained in service instructions, trainings and briefings to be able to guarantee correct performance in every situation. To prevent damage and hazards it is of great benefit if security staff, such as that of HEL-WACHT, is thoroughly familiar with procedures at a construction site.

Inspection, checks and situational problem solution

At construction sites, high values are stored. A great number of tools and machines alone disappear on construction sites. However, the replacement of machines and materials not only causes enormous costs but also expenditure and time. Time delays because the construction site or the business has to cease operations for some time again lead to high costs. Construction site guarding services by HEL-WACHT minimise such situations because access is denied to unauthorised persons and the premises are kept safe because they are inspected for damaged construction site fences, unlocked doors or containers, and machines, devices or lights not switched off, etc.

By the way, construction site guarding services are often requested from HEL-WACHT together with a rented alarm system.

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Did you know?

For optimum protection of your construction site, you can also order temporary alarm systems, such as a rental alarm system. In case of unauthorised access to your construction site, alarms are forwarded to our emergency call and service centre, and you decide whether the police or our security service should be alerted.


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