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Your concierge

Personal Assistance Service at the highest level.

Personal assistance

Concierge services are considered the supreme discipline, exceeding conventional doorman and receptionist services. A concierge impresses around the clock with his/her impeccable appearance, discreet charm, sophisticated demeanour and highest solution competence.

Description of concierge and concierge services

  • Welcome Desk, first contact for residents and visitors
  • Reservations and visitor management
  • Acceptance of mail (in absence)
  • Access and closing controls, locking services
  • Household services and organization of errands
  • Security, cleanliness, maintenance
concierge conciergedienste security-services helwacht

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concierge conciergedienste security-services helwacht

Where are concierge services used?

Above all, real estate developers integrate a concierge into exclusive apartment concepts to safeguard the intrinsic value of the property. Associations of homeowners and private persons with high standards also use the services of personal assistance as additional services in everyday life – as in the luxury hotel business.

Personal assistance and everyday services

As a rule, HEL-WACHT concierges also take over household services, e.g. accepting mail, taking care of pets, organising shopping services, home cleaning, laundry and ironing services, purchasing tickets and entry vouchers, calling transport services, reservations at restaurants, organising catering, etc.

Security services such as inspection rounds, checking of technical equipment, outdoor areas or cleaning, may be part of their services, as well as supervising the work of tradespeople. Malfunctions or damage are documented and reported to the facility management or the property management.

By the way: concierge services are often requested from HEL-WACHT together with receptionist and welcoming services.

concierge conciergedienste security-services helwacht

Did you know?

Originally, in France the gatekeeper or custodian of a castle was called concierge. Today, concierges are mostly found in luxury hotels, however, increasingly more often in exclusive private homes. A concierge must be tactful, attentive, understanding and discreet, always ready to listen to the concerns of the residents. He/she knows their habits and preferences to be able to attend to them individually.


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