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Pursuant to art. 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the offices and premises of embassies are inviolable. With qualified security staff by HEL-WACHT we fulfil the special requirements to protect diplomatic missions against attacks. Our carefully selected security guards are highly aware of their responsibilities and they take a cautious and level-headed approach.

Our security services for embassies

  • Guarding embassies and residences
  • Armed security service and senior guards
  • Direct alarm connection / monitoring
  • Monitoring of access control for persons and vehicles
  • Personal protection outside the premises
  • Visitor management, telephone services
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Security for residence & embassy

The mission is to be protected against any intrusion and any damage. This also applies to the residence of the ambassador and/or premises for his/her private use. The diplomatic status granted to embassy staff results in special requirements for the guarding of embassies, and security service staff must have the ability to deal with sensitive situations. Discreet service and professional protection are called for. In the same way, this applies to routine tasks as well as to unforeseen events, if a fast response has to be coordinated with the chief of staff.

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