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Your armed security service

Security staff who carry firearms

Armed property protection for preventive security

Our armed security service fulfils all official regulations. Our staff have been checked for reliability and personal suitability by the competent authorities and, of course, hold valid arms licenses. Our carefully selected security staff are highly aware of their responsibilities and take a cautious and level-headed approach.

Protective measures in armed property protection

  • Prevention by presence
  • Armed service
  • Reception services
  • Monitoring of security and alarm technology
  • Access control of persons and vehicles
  • Patrols and rounds, alarm and reporting services
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Where is armed property protection used?

For many years, HEL-WACHT’s qualified security staff have fulfilled the strictest requirements for armed property protection, e.g. embassies, consulates or residences but also shops, such as jewellers and banks. Integrity, suitability and absolute reliability are a must to be employed by HEL-WACHT as armed security staff. Our employees distinguish themselves by many years of service and expertise and regularly take part in training and vocational training.

Safeguarding and protection of valuables and property

Security is a fundamental need which property protection can fulfil by presence, technical safeguarding and armed security staff. Armed security staff is active not only in shops, jewellers or embassies but also for properties – mainly villas & residences. The reason for this demand is described as a decreasing subjective feeling of security. In addition, our authorities basically are not in favour of private persons being armed since, in many cases, there are deficits relating to regular practice and the correct handling of firearms. For HEL-WACHT this sensitive task of armed security services has been a core competence for about 120 years.

By the way: armed property protection is often requested from HEL-WACHT together with a direct alarm connection of the burglary alarm system.

bewaffneter sicherheitsdienst security-services helwacht

Did you know?

In case of high insurance values, insurance companies request the risk of assaults, e.g. at jewellers, banks, value deposits, to be minimised because of the high damage sums involved. This can be done by constructional measures, e.g. gate systems, or with the help of security staff carrying firearms. The aim of the measures is to make the escape route incalculable for the offender.


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