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Your plant protection

Security and order at a plant and at the plant premises

Plant and company protection

Plant protection ensures protection, security and order at the plant premises (or parts thereof) to avoid danger and damage to the plant and its staff. Guarding and monitoring of industrial areas comprise e.g. receptionist services, patrols but also special identity checks of persons.

Services rendered by plant protection

  • Welcome Desk, receptionist services
  • Issuing visitor’s passes and employee IDs
  • Security staff, parking controls
  • Control of vehicles, goods and persons
  • Protection against vandalism and industrial espionage
  • Monitoring of security technology and technical systems
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Where is plant protection used?

Above all, large properties and industrial production plants in all fields have their sites controlled and secured by plant protection. However, also service providers, such as freight companies, forwarding agents and warehouses, use plant protection services by HEL-WACHT to prohibit access of unauthorised persons and secure goods.

The guarantee for security at the plant premises

No matter whether medium-sized enterprises or large groups – visitors or more complex machines and technology lead to an increasing requirement of enterprises for security measures. Each enterprise has its special requirements relating to plant protection. Having more than 120 years of experience in the security business, HEL-WACHT comprehensively covers this individual demand, also beyond classical guarding services.

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Did you know?

The presence of plant protection is to have a preventive effect. Protection against criminal acts (vandalism, sabotage up to industrial espionage) figures among the professional tasks to be fulfilled by plant protection, just as the prevention of damage caused by human error or technical failure. The aim is the early detection of potential hazards (e.g. by damage to loads, vehicles or buildings) and their avoidance to prevent risks efficiently and precisely, such as production downtimes, accidents and economic damage.

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Security service to protect industrial buildings

Our staff undergo training in sector-specific security and preventive measures (e.g. in the surroundings of hazardous goods) and technical training in the security management systems, disturbance alert systems and central building control systems which are included in security centres of the plants on-site.

By the way: The comprehensive tasks involved in plant protection are similar to those of property protection, however, factories and industrial enterprises are often larger, have more buildings and free space which have to be monitored reliably both indoors and outdoors.


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