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Vienna +43 1 52174-0
Linz +43 732 671892-0
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HEL-WACHT as your security service provider stands for quality and the highest level of integrity. Our business relations are based on the trust placed in us and the correct execution of the assigned tasks and services.

To learn about and counteract possible misconduct in a professional context at an early stage, the HEL-WACHT Group has set up an internal whistleblowing channel in accordance with EU directives.

Whistle-blowing channel

This channel is used to transmit encrypted information and causes the creation of an audio file, which is sent to the following persons in HEL-WACHT for further processing:

  • Bauer Alfred - Worker Works Council Chairman
  • DI Mag. Kerenyi Stephanie MA - Safety specialist
  • Malek Roland - Head of personnel disposition
  • Dr. Manuela Schlögel - Occupational physician

It is possible to contact us by telephone under the following number to leave an anonymous message:

+43 1 52174-999

The message must be terminated with # - otherwise no transmission will take place.

Protection of the whistleblower

To make the call 100% anonymous, you can prefix the phone number with #31#, then the phone number will already be suppressed in the mobile network and cannot be traced.

Notes on the correct use of this reporting channel 

Please do not use our whistleblowing channel for customer complaints, but only for reports related to legal violations such as bribery and corruption, fraud and theft, conflict of interest, workplace harassment, bullying, discrimination or failure to protect personal data.


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