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Your video surveillance

through the emergency call centre

Video surveillance on-site or as remote surveillance

The service of video surveillance is performed professionally by our emergency call centre as remote video surveillance or by security staff on-site with our clients at their in-house security centres. Often, services are combined, if the on-site security centre is not manned, the emergency call centre takes over remote video surveillance or makes virtual rounds.

Video surveillance service

  • Area and property surveillance
  • Virtual guarding patrols via video image
  • Permanent or event-related visual monitoring of property, areas and combined access control
  • Reaction in case of alarm and assessment/analysis of the situation by video
  • Alarm verification with images before and after the alarm, etc.
videoueberwachung security-services helwacht

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videoueberwachung security-services helwacht

Where is video surveillance used?

Remote video surveillance is used to monitor areas or company premises for entry, but also to recognise dangerous situations and cause interventions, e.g. at petrol stations, garages and parkings. In the field of finances and trade, video surveillance is an important argument for prevention (“pressure through observation”) and serves the purpose of solving offences by recognising offenders including documentation on how the offences was committed. The principal elements are prevention in the same way as solving burglaries and vandalism.

Securing and protecting valuables and property

HEL-WACHT is a professional security service provider and does not set up video or alarm systems. Without any conflicts of interests, regardless of producers or computer retailers, many video systems with their respective protocols can be connected to our emergency control centre (monitoring and alarm receiving centre & alarm intervention centre). If the protocol is unknown, a separate IP interface can be programmed for a compensation of expenses.

By the way: video surveillance is often requested from HEL-WACHT together with a direct alarm connection of a burglary alarm system.

videoueberwachung security-services helwacht

Did you know?

In Austria, video surveillance is governed by the Data Protection Act (Datenschutzgesetz – DSG), and for police activities by the Security Police Act (Sicherheitspolizeigesetz – SPG). Private (non-governmental) video surveillance of a space is governed by sec. 9a (video surveillance) of the Data Protection Act as of 01.01.2010. Video surveillance is only allowed if it fulfils an admissible purpose (protection of property, a person or legal due diligence obligations), and if the secrecy interests of third parties to be protected are outweighed by the interests of the operator (e.g. if an attack is likely or already took place), and if video surveillance is suitable, less severe and proportionate. Further, the operator is subject to a registration and designation obligation.


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