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Your receptionist

First impression and personal contact for your security and service.

Welcoming service

The receptionist and welcoming service extends a warm welcome to your customers, guests, interested parties but also employees at the entrance area. The receptionist is thus the first contact and competent flagship of your company.

Services rendered by a receptionist and/or receptionist services

  • Welcome-Desk
  • Visitor registration
  • Access controls
  • Information and inquiries
  • Acceptance of mail
  • Additional tasks as agreed
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When are receptionist services used?

The receptionist and welcoming service by HEL-WACHT is used where service and security are required, e.g. at the entrance area of office buildings of banks, insurance companies, technology enterprises, interest groups and also public institutions and authorities.

Your first impression and your contact for security and service

The HEL-WACHT receptionist – literally – holds a key position: he/she answers initial inquiries, gives the right directions and provides uncomplicated assistance. As required, the receptionist also renders additional administrative services, e.g. keeps keys safe, keeps attendance lists, hands out visitor’s passes, puts through telephone calls (switchboard), accepts incoming mail and monitors the security technology of the property.

By the way: receptionist and welcoming services are often also requested from HEL-WACHT as a Concierge Service with an extended scope of services.

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Did you know?

Receptionist services and receptionists look back on a long tradition. The German term “Portier“ (receptionist) is derived from “porta“ (Latin: “door”), thus describing the job of a receptionist who pays attention to people coming in and going out, guides them in or out and answers inquiries.



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