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Your fire protection specialists

Preventive fire protection – efficient and cost-effective

Fire protection specialists for preventive fire protection

The activities of the fire protection specialist serve the purpose of early detection, reporting and remedy of fire dangers and defects so that an essential contribution to preventive fire protection is made. As fire protection specialist who underwent training according to the Technical Guidelines for Preventive Fire Protection (technische Richtlinien für den vorbeugenden Brandschutz - TRVB) and has sufficient technical knowledge also an external person can be appointed who does regular rounds and performs checks within the framework of operational fire protection for your company.

Services rendered by a HEL-WACHT fire protection specialist

  • Support before authorities in matters relating to technical fire protection
  • Drawing up & annual evaluation of fire regulations
  • Keeping a fire protection journal
  • Carrying out fire alarm and evacuation exercises
  • Holding trainings and/or giving instructions to persons in context with fire protection
  • Written reports to clients
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Why should I have an external fire protection specialist in my company?

Employers are obliged to provide security and health protection of employees relating to all aspects concerning their work. Every company has to take precautions to prevent a fire. Outsourcing of this function to experienced HEL-WACHT fire protection specialists has many advantages: an external fire protection specialist does not perform any other activities in your company, has no conflict of interests and is there for you with this task only. Experience gathered over many years, expertise and routine are made available to you and the risk of staff shortages is prevented by a pool of fire protection specialists. The emergency call centre operated by HEL-WACHT guarantees availability 24 hours. In connection with the activities of a fire protection specialist, HEL-WACHT also takes over part of the liability.

Inspection, checks and situational problem solution

With drawing up fire regulations, risks can be minimised and the danger of costly incidents and resulting down times and operational interruptions can be clearly reduced. The legal basis is art. 43 of the Workplaces Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung - AStV). In addition, the Technical Guidelines for Preventive Fire Protection (technische Richtlinien für den vorbeugenden Brandschutz - TRVB) are in force. As fire protection specialists, only persons may be appointed who have undergone training pursuant to TRVB O 117. The activities of the fire protection specialist shall lead to early detection of hazards and defects and are an essential part of preventive fire protection.

By the way: external fire protection is often requested together with a connection of the fire alarm system to the alarm call centre of HEL-WACHT.

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Did you know?

The keys for access of the fire protection specialist to your company are kept safe in the key safe deposit of the high security area of the emergency control centre in an anonymised form. If your fire alarm system is connected to the HEL-WACHT emergency call centre in operation 24/7, not only the fire brigade can be called but also a fire protection guard and/or fire watch can be provided at short notice, if needed – security around the clock.


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