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Your closing services

We open and close all doors and gates.

Opening and closing services

Locking services open or close buildings, private and public areas at the agreed time. This can be done regularly, such as the locking of office buildings, yards or parks, or on occasion, e.g. if a key was forgotten or overtime has to be worked at the office.

Services rendered by locking services

  • Opening service
  • Closing service
  • Locking checks of doors and gates
  • Locking checks of windows
  • Opening and locking of public spaces
  • Safe-keeping of keys
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When are locking services used?

HEL-WACHT’s opening service regularly comes to your property at the agreed time – or also only on request – to unlock the building. An existing alarm system is switched off. Doors required for access (of employees) are unlocked and, if necessary, light sources and electrical devices / machines are put into operation.

After operating hours, the staff of HEL-WACHT’s closing service check inside and outside your building if windows, doors and gates are closed, and if devices and light sources were turned off. If desired, we will switch on an existing burglary alarm system following our round through your property. If potential hazards are detected – water damage, blocking of escape routes, etc. – you will be informed thereof immediately.

Doors and gates properly locked

The locking service and/or opening and closing service is responsible for properly closing a property. This is based on a closing plan agreed in advance with the owner and/or client, defining time, place and closing medium. Mostly, the outer skin of the building (windows and doors) or pacified possession (fences, gates, access driveways) are to be secured as a priority.

By the way: closing services are often requested from HEL-WACHT together with patrol services and direct alarm connection as combined services.

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Did you know?

According to region, the term closing service is used interchangeably with locking service or opening service. However, the word opening service may be confused with locksmith service. In Austria, the Economic Chamber promotes recognised locksmith services which unlock doors if keys were lost at a fair price and high quality level with a quality label “locksmith” (“Aufsperrer“) and an app with a hotline for locksmith services +43 590 900 5599.


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