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Your blackout prevention

Security services in the event of a blackout

Accessibility of the emergency call center in the blackout

The accessibility of the emergency call center is not only ensured in case of power failure, but also in case of a blackout. The location, emergency call center and e-vehicles of the HEL-WACHT Group are supplied with a 140 kWp photovoltaic system for CO²-free energy generation and, if necessary, additionally with an emergency diesel power generator with energy reserves for more than 14 days. The site is equipped with communication lines such as IP telephony, landline, mobile or radio and for blackout prevention with satellite telephony and satellite reception.

Blackout prevention service overview

  • Creation of a blackout operation plan
  • 24/7 accessibility via satellite telephony
  • Intervention and alarm tracking by emergency power supplied control center
  • Alarm drivers with e-vehicles supplied from PV system / emergency power
  • Security services depending on accessibility and availability
  • Key depot and key delivery in case of blackout
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blackout prävention security-services helwacht

Alarm tracking and blackout intervention

Even in the event of a blackout, the emergency call center performs its task as an essential link in the alarm chain. Alarms and calls are received via satellite communication and necessary interventions can be initiated immediately, provided that the executing organization is ready to receive and operate. In case of blackout HEL-WACHT also offers security services such as emergency drivers and  patrol services for selected customers according to demand and availability.

Emergency communication, disaster management, blackout

We have prepared for crises. We support the maintenance of an emergency operation with a 10-member crisis team, which consists of long-term employees from the areas of personnel scheduling, sales, emergency service control center and management. The crisis team meets immediately after the start of the event at the stocked location Scheydgasse 37, 1210 Vienna. This allows us to communicate, prioritize and conduct feasibility checks for quick decisions. HEL-WACHT is there for you with certainty.

By the way: With the conclusion of the service flat rate "Blackout Prevention" you receive our satellite telephone number of the emergency service control center for 24/7 accessibility also during blackout.

Hel-Wacht Mitarbeiter in Alarmzentrale

Did you know?

Many locking devices and access systems are electronically based and fail in the event of a blackout. Employees and building occupants cannot lock or enter the building and are dependent on the classic key, which they often do not have with them at the time of the event or is not available. For such cases, we are happy to set up a key depot for you, for pick-up or optional key delivery when available. We are there for you 24/7.

blackout prävention security-services helwacht

Why a satellite communication?

In the event of a catastrophe such as a blackout, the fixed and mobile networks may quickly collapse. But if you are dependent on communication - especially in emergencies - then a satellite phone will help you. Independent of the terrestrial network and powered by battery power, you can still communicate via satellite. Unlike your smartphone, however, satellite phones need a line of sight to the satellite. This only works indoors with an external antenna on the roof. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to call from one satellite network to another. Before choosing a satellite network, you should define with whom you want to communicate and find out which network your communication partner uses. If you want to use our security services or need to communicate with us in case of blackout, do not hesitate to contact us and ask - we will be happy to coordinate with you.


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