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Your traffic safety warden

Traffic safety in dangerous situation

Traffic control with traffic safety wardens

Trained HEL-WACHT traffic safety wardens support required traffic control on-site in dangerous situations. Of course, they are equipped with reflective protective vests, traffic paddles (stop signs) and HEL-WACHT’s uniform. They communicate inside the team through walkie-talkies – to ensure with HEL-WACHT an orderly, safe co-existence in stationary and moving traffic.

What does a traffic safety warden do?

  • Points out hazards
  • Protects dangerous situations
  • Guarantees safety on the way to school
  • Assists in traffic control as a crossing guard for school children / adults (art. 97 Road Traffic Regulations – StVO)
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Where is a traffic safety warden used?

HEL-WACHT’s traffic safety wardens are used to redirect traffic flows, e.g. in road construction, within the framework of securing a construction site, or they assist event organisers and municipalities in traffic control at entry and exit roads to/from event premises up to parking management and the allocation of parking spaces. They are trained, know the Road Traffic Regulations and hold a driving licence (B).

Pointing out dangerous situations

HEL-WACHT’s traffic safety wardens point out dangerous situations, either due to road construction, narrowing of lanes, partial closures, changed directions at trade fairs / events, or they take care of increased safety on railway and road crossings. The general rule is that everybody who opens traffic (e.g. on paths, roads or in buildings or at construction sites) has to protect other road users reasonably and warn them against dangers.

By the way: traffic safety services are often requested from HEL-WACHT within the framework of construction site safety.

verkehrssicherung security-services helwacht

Did you know?

Traffic safety wardens can be used as standing or mobile safety wardens (vehicle in a convoy). They point out dangers to other road users, however, do not hold any police control or instruction powers. As a rule, they are equipped with a high-visibility vest and a stop sign and/or traffic paddle, and a walkie-talkie if they work in a team.


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