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Your direct alarm connection and alarm tracking

All security services regarding your alarm system.

Direct alarm connection and alarm tracking

What happens if alarm equipment or alarm systems trigger an alarm? To monitor the systems, HEL-WACHT not only connects burglary and fire detection systems, remote video monitoring or personal emergency calls to its own 24/7 emergency control centre (certified pursuant to EN 50518) but also provides quick help in cases of emergency to take the appropriate ensuing measures of alarm tracking, monitoring and alarm on-call duty by HEL-WACHT!

Summary of services regarding direct alarm connection and alarm tracking

  • Setting up of an alarm plan
  • Direct connection to the emergency control centre
  • Alarm call-out
  • Alarm tracking
  • Delivery of keys in cases of emergency
  • Additional tasks as agreed
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When are direct alarm connection and alarm tracking used?

Companies and private persons have their alarm equipment or alarm systems monitored by HEL-WACHT, thus enjoying optimum protection in their presence and absence. Hazard detection systems signal e.g. burglary, robbery, sabotage and fire. Technical alarm messages supply information about electricity blackout, gas or water leakage, environmental hazards, temperature and pressure disturbances and report operating conditions (e.g. switching operations caused by alarm, fire detection, heating and air-conditioning systems). Remote video monitoring enables alarm verification, in addition, ensures increased security and permits virtual patrols outside your operating hours.

As soon as an alarm is received, alarm tracking is started by the team leaders at the HEL-WACHT emergency call centre.

Direct connection of alarm systems

With state-of-the-art control centre technology, we immediately know which alarm was triggered by your hazard detection system and act according to your directives included in the alarm plan. It defines the measures to be taken for alarm tracking for each individual alarm criterion. From calling your contact persons, organising public rescue services up to property control and/or inspection by our alarm team driver. On-site the facts are established, if necessary, the police are called, the property is secured and procedures are documented transparently in the alarm report.

If a burglar gains access while you are in the house, you can trigger a (silent) robbery alert with an assault button or a radio transmitter. At our service operation centre, we receive your assault message and immediately send the police to your address in this threatening situation. Find more information here.

By the way: direct alarm connection and alarm tracking are often requested from HEL-WACHT together with roving patrol services, as well as fire alarms combined with the services of our fire prevention specialist.

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Did you know?

In addition to HEL-WACHT’s alert capabilities, we are pleased to set up a spare key deposit with key delivery, if needed. You thus prevent high costs for locksmith services. Our dispatching service receives the calls of your customers outside your operating hours, immediately transmits time-sensitive information to your service staff (e.g. to deal with urgent disturbances with your customers) or provides such information on the next working day. We are there for you 24/7.

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Why a direct alarm connection?

Even the most expensive alarm system fails to have its desired effect if the alarm is not registered or not registered in time. Whereas an outdoor siren only attracts the attention of persons in its immediate vicinity (who may even ignore it), an alarm system with a direct connection reliably reports to our emergency control centre available 24/7. Here, all messages are immediately checked and processed. To exclude false alarms and expensive false alerts, the telephone numbers provided by you are called and an agreed password is requested. If nobody can be reached or intentionally a wrong password is given – e.g. in case of a personal threat – immediate procedures are followed according to the client-specific alarm plan. If the alarm is triggered by a video surveillance system, verification can also be performed via image transmission. After analysis/assessment, e.g. emergency forces (police) or a HEL-WACHT alarm team driver are called. Important evidence and information to solve the incident are documented.


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